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Devops Training program by Digi Tech Learners is focused on gaining insightful knowledge on the methodologies and tools used in project management activites. Devops basically stands for Development and Operations. The idea of the development team and operation team working in union for a faster, effective and efficient software solution is the primary goal of Devops. Today, most of the major IT solutions providers and support service providers are opting for Devops for project management and application delivery leading to a growing need to professional.

Why This Course?

  • Average salaries for DEVOPS professionals are about Rs. 10 to 12 lacs PA.
  • Top skillset with continuous demand for skilled DEVOPS professionals and architects.
  • Integration of the development and operations teams and solution delivery in high demand across all the industry verticals.

DEVOPS – Development and Operations is basically a fusion of Software Development activities like business application designing, coding, UI designing etc, and Operational activities like Quality Testing, Networking requirements and Database administration. DevOps primarily focuses on a collection of tools and methodologies which help integrate the various activities in the application development life cycle. It tries to bring about a harmonious union of various activities associated with application development, helping teams and IT companies to keep up with the constant changes of managing software development and deployment.

At Digi Tech Learners the DEVOPS training is designed in such a manner to help the participant understand the various software management methodologies and it’s applications. The training also focuses on mastering various tools utilized like SVN 8s, GIT, JENKINS. The practical training approach will help you getting a better hold of the subject and it real-time applications.

Objective of the course

  • Understanding Cloud based tools and Cloud Models
  • Understanding LINUX basics and Administration
  • Working with Version Control and SVN
  • Working with GIT version control system
  • JENKINS and Continuous Integration

Career Opportunities in DEVOPS

The DEVOPS application management programs are primarily designed for delivery managers and project manager to help manage project effectively. For senior software developers and development consultants who are looking forward to move to Project Management activities, DEVOPS is a logical next step to career growth. The training programs with Sathya Technologies will ensure that budding project managers and delivery manager to excel in there career path, thanks to the best DEVOPS training programs conducted with some of the best real time faculties.

Pre-Requisite for learning the course

DevOps is not a software programming language but a collection of tools helping project manager and delivery managers to define and manage software project deliveries. Basic understanding of various project management tools will be a good starting point.